Review request: a website for Tracker

Tracker hasn’t had its own website since about 2011, when whoever was paying for stopped doing so. Since then it’s been using to host documentation.

At the weekend I made a simple website with mkdocs and GitLab pages, and I’m looking for some comments on whether it serves its purpose! The website is here: and the corresponding MR is here:

The purposes of the site include…

  • provide an overview of what Tracker is
  • provide an FAQ for users who are seeing tracker processes in top and wondering why
  • link users who are searching for things like “how do I configure Tracker” to the relevant GNOME documentation (which would be in this case)
  • host documentation that’s currently kept on the wiki, such as the supported SPARQL syntax, so that we maintain it in Git

This is great.

Hopefully we’ll get train going on converting other static websites to markdown.

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