Retirement of

The old developers documentation snapshot has been permanently retired, as all its content has effectively been moved to the new developers documentation website, or it’s irrelevant to anything that was released in the past 14 years.

Various redirections have already been put in place for API references that have been moved elsewhere, like Network Manager and the C++ bindings.

If there are missing references it mainly means that the corresponding libraries are not updating or publishing their documentation. Please, file an issue on their corresponding issue tracker.


There are still links to developer-old at Libraries

Fixed: Remove the link to the old developers docs snapshot (!174) · Merge requests · Teams / Websites / · GitLab

[acko@fedora GNOME]$ grep -r "developer-old" --exclude=*.po .
./GNOME/glib/docs/reference/gio/gdbus-codegen.rst:to `gtk-doc <>`_::
./GNOME/glib/docs/reference/gio/gdbus-codegen.rst:`gtk-doc <>`_ and
./GNOME/gnome-builder/doc/sdk/  docs_url = ""
./GNOME/gnome-builder/doc/sdk/  docs_url = ""
./GNOME/devdocsgjs/lib/docs/scrapers/gtk.rb:      self.base_url = "{self.version}/"
./GNOME/gtksourceview/docs/[Regular expression syntax](
./GNOME/gtkmm-documentation/docs/tutorial/C/index-in.docbook:Resource bundles are created by the <link xlink:href="">glib-compile-resources</link>
./GNOME/msgraph/doc/ = ""
./GNOME/gnomemm-website/docs/C/documentation.xml:        <para><link xlink:href="">Contents</link> of the whole online book, gtkmm-3.0.</para>
./GNOME/gnomemm-website/docs/C/documentation.xml:          <link xlink:href=""> C++ Bindings</link>
./GNOME/gnomemm-website/docs/C/books.xml:        and <link xlink:href="">Programming with gtkmm 3</link>
./GNOME/glibmm/tools/pm/    #
./GNOME/eog/doc/reference/  docs_url = ""
./GNOME/eog/doc/reference/urlmap.js:    [ 'Libpeas', '' ],
./Infrastructure/gtk-web/_docs/language-bindings/[**Vala**]( website lists various [Vala's GTK tutorial]( [GTK's Vala tutorial]( that range from introduction to the usage of Gtk and much more.
./Infrastructure/gtk-web/_docs/language-bindings/  - [GTK's Vala tutorial](
./Infrastructure/gtk-web/_docs/apis/ - [Soup]( — Asynchronous HTTP library with cookies, SSL, and XML-RPC

Fixed: Drop link to developer-old (!466) · Merge requests · GNOME / gobject-introspection · GitLab

Fixed: Remove developer-old links (!172) · Merge requests · Teams / Websites / · GitLab

For the rest, please file bugs to the relevant projects.

Thank you. I was specifically talking about the links at this page: Libraries

Yes, I noticed that afterwards. I also fixed those links, and now they point to the right place.

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The transition was this one: [1] → [2] plus a new website at [3] (which is equal to [1]).

What about all the links that pointed to [1] and haven’t been updated to [2]?

The grep command that you posted only searches [2].

Edit: so if I understand correctly the [1] links are all redirected (either to [3] or outside), so it’s not a big problem to keep the old URLs around. Ideally the [1] links also need to be updated, but is not essential. (to search all the [1] links, a different method is necessary, by requesting the URL and detect if there is a redirection).

Tickets filed for every mention I could find in GitLab:


Anyone is welcome to check any links and update them, I’d say.