Restore backup to MacOS device

I have a backup made with Deja-Dup under Debian (v. 11). I want to restore it to an Apple computer. I know that the app: duplicity runs on Mac and Linux.

The backup set is password protected. Do I need the Apple computer to have the same computer name? That is does Deja-Dup need a computer to have a name?

Hello! I have not heard any reports of Deja Dup being run on Macs. But duplicity itself is simply Python, which should work.

You don’t need the computer names to match when restoring. You should be able to use duplicity to restore the files yeah.

Sorry, @mterry, my bad. I want to run duplicity to restore the Debian/Deja-Dup backup set to a MAC, using duplicity. Thank you.

Yeah that should work. To answer your original question, the computer name shouldn’t need to match. Try it out and report back how it goes!

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