Restart PC hotkey question

First of all, a big thanks to everyone involved in GNOME development!
It’s my favorite DE, and I love many GNOME apps.

I’m on Debian Testing and just updated to 3.38
On 3.36 I used Ctrl + Alt + Delete to quickly open shutdown dialog and select “Restart” with a keyboard and hit Enter.
On 3.38 shutdown dialog does not contain Restart anymore, it’s a separate dialog now.
Is there any way to assign a hotkey to Restart dialog? I’m totally fine with using Ctrl + Alt + Delete for Shutdown, but I would like to have a hotkey for Restart, too.

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There’s some discussion for adding a predefined shortcut for ‘Restart’.

In the meantime, you can define a custom shorcut using gnome-session-quit --reboot as the command.

Perfect, thanks a lot.

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