[Resolved] Dash to Dock - GNOME 40

Do yo know how to install Dash to Dock on GNOME 40 ? After approximatively 6 month, there should be a way to install it, I’ve searched for some help, but I’m quite lost!
Thank in advance.

There is a pull request on github, but it still hasn’t been merged. Until that happens (and the new version appears on the extension website), it is possible to build/install the extension from that branch.

Thanks for your answer fmuellner, but I’ve finally resolved the issue by myself.
Using Manjaro GNOME, Dash to Dock is present by default and therefore it works, but I was using Fedora 34 with no updates after the install (I’m trying it in a virtual machine) : it was only after updating my distro with GNOME Software that Dash to Dock could be installed.
Here is more information I’ve post (in french).

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