Resolution problem with GNOME Fedora & Wayland

I have an ATEN (CS1944DP) KVMP Switch where a Ubuntu computer and a Fedora 39 computer are connected.
Fedora 39 have GNOME 45.2 and Wayland.
When I switch from Fedora (res 256x1440 16:9) to Ubuntu with hotkeys the resolution is OK with Ubuntu (res 256x1440 16:9) but switching back from Ubuntu to Fedora gives me resolution 1024x768 4:3 at Fedora.
To get back the resolution at Fedora I had before switching … a reboot of Fedora will fix it.

I then installed KDE Plasma at Fedora and after reboot I choose KDE Plasma Wayland.
Switching back and forth kept the resolution as it should … works OK.

The resolution with Fedora KDE Plasma Wayland works OK but not with Fedora GNOME Wayland.
What is missing in Fedora GNOME?

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