Resize child widgets on Window resize

Is it possible to have child widgets resize in both directions when the window is resized, in particular treeviews

My app has an architecture of
Each tab then contains a grid where the treeviews live

By setting expand on each column and cellrenderer, the columns expand when the window is resized

However the height does not change. Is this something to do with text-size?

Is this possible?

This is what I have tried so far
Does nothing except the view expands without any more rows (big blank area)
connecting to configure event
my $stylec=$notebook->get_style_context;
my $screen=$stylec->get_screen;
No effect except loads of errors

No effect

my @size=$window->get_size;
my $ratiow=$size[0]/1200;
my $ratioh=$size[1]/600;
print '147 ',$factorh,"\n";

foreach my $w ($notebook->get_nth_page(0)->get_children){
if ($w=~/TreeView/){
my @cells=$w->get_column(0)->get_cells;

$factor and $factorh are adjustments used throughout app

If I open a new tab the cells are resized

Any suggestions

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