Request For Items: September Monthly GNOME Updates

This marks the first trial of #71 for Monthly “What’s Happening in GNOME” posts. Here, I’d like to ask the developers and maintainers to post information on cool things they’ve merged throughout the month. All submissions are due by Wednesday September 23rd @ 12AM PT . All submissions afterward will be pushed to the next month’s update.

If the submission is for a visual change, screenshots or screencasts would be appreciated. Screenshots and screencasts should use a default wallpaper for the latest stable GNOME release, the Adwaita theme, and be taken in at least 1080p.

To submit a change for inclusion, please reply here, on the GitLab issue, or on desktop-devel-list.


With the hard code freeze now broken, I’d like to remind developers that I’m still taking submissions for this initiative.

For posting and subscribing to the desktop-devel list:

If you just want to view the conversations in desktop-devel list:

Thanks !

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Today is the last day for submissions :slight_smile: If there are any items maintainers have merged and want to show off, please add them .

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