Request For Items: October Monthly GNOME Updates

This is the call for items for the second monthly “What’s Happened In GNOME” post for October 2020. Here, I’d like to ask the developers and maintainers to post information on cool things they’ve merged throughout the month. All submissions are due by Monday October 26th @ 12AM PT. All submissions afterward will be pushed to the next month’s update.

If the submission is for a visual change, screenshots or screencasts would be appreciated. Screenshots and screencast should use a default wallpaper for the latest stable GNOME release, the Adwaita theme, and be taken in at least 1080p.

To submit a change for inclusion, please reply here or on the GitLab issue .

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So, where should one be looking for “What’s happened in GNOME” ?

The September edition was posted on the GNOME Engagment blog:


Nice work. But, how is one expected to find this link ?

Also, do people read ( for official information ) ?

From my limited experience in, it hosts a lot of personal blogs and views of gnome contributors. They are a nice read, but that will not be the place where I would look for more formal information like GNOME updates.

Also, I’ve very little idea what is for.


I’ll see if I can get it added to Planet; For now, we posted about it on Twitter, the Fediverse, and Reddit

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It is the blog aggregator we have had for a loooooong time, for GNOME contributors. Now that many people have moved to twitter or whatever (remember when “microblogging” was all the rage?), it’s not as active as before, but people still post interesting things about their work and personal life.

These days it is also the default way to look at all the intern’s blogs for Outreachy and Summer of Code; their blogs get aggregated there at the beginning of each round, and AFAIK interns are expected to post their regular updates there.

By the way, Planet GNOME is maintained in gitlab; you can ask for your blog to be added there if you want. @aruiz maintains it.

Just for reference: Planet GNOME is for individuals only, not teams, projects, or groups.

We can add individual author feeds—it’s what we do for people posting on the GTK development blog, the Shell development blog, and the monthly Friends of GNOME articles that @mollydb writes. In general, though, those are still considered individual contributions.

Reminder - please reply here or on the GitLab issue with things you want to share that have been worked on this month.

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