Replacement for EntryCompletion

I just wanted to ask if there is an intended replacement for EntryCompletion, since it is marked as deprecated in 4.10.
Is there a recommended way to do autocompletion in a text entry?

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There is currently not replacement for EntryCompletion in GTK. You can still use GtkEntryCompletion: deprecation does not imply lack of functionality: it merely says that the API will be removed in the next major API version of GTK.

We are currently experimenting with possible replacements—there is a “suggestion entry” widget in the gtk4-demo application that may be the prototype for a new GTK widget. In practice, we’re looking for use cases, since multiple applications have different uses for a “completion” pattern, and they would probably be best served by different types of widgets, instead of a single one.

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Thank you very much for the headsup.

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