Replace the Other Locations view with a Network view

I received a slew of email notis recently regarding this popular Nautilus change, and apparently the discussion went off the rails as it’s now locked.

One aspect of the change I’m not clear on from the issue thread, or from the design mock-ups, is what becomes of all the non-network “Other Locations”?

In my case, Other Locations consists exclusively non-network mount points of various partitions.

How/where will these be displayed? It was not clear from the mock-up, which only shows network-related items. These are not bookmark-able unfortunately, otherwise I’d want to see them on my sidebar ala Thunar.

Also, I’d love to see the baked-in “Windows Network” removed, as it does not exist.

In the sidebar.

It’s removed for 46 already. Requires unstable GVFS daemon builds to be running, so it’s not the easiest to test.

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Oops, missed that. I stopped building main after the GLib dependency version increased. Mostly because I’m lazy.

Thanks for the speedy responses! And, OT… that Views Refactoring is a seriously impressive patch series you’ve been landing. Digging the fun merge titles too. Excited for 46, as Nautilus has become my sole file manager now.

By the way, the linked design thread has more background if you are interested: Files: redesign Other locations (#61) · Issues · Teams / Design / app-mockups · GitLab

Happy to have your feedback! (And sorry for locking the thread, it’s partly my fault, but I’m on a hurry to get this for 46 so I need that issue to stay focused.)

Files: redesign Other locations (#61) · Issues · Teams / Design / app-mockups · GitLab

Well that for sure is enlightening. I failed to find it as it’s Closed. I’d only searched the Design GitLab for open “Files” issues. D’oh, I knew this discussion had to have happened somewhere haha. Thanks.

It was mentioned right at the start of the nautilus issue. I’ve added it now to the “Linked issues” list for better cross reference. (Oh no, it did not work because the issue is in another domain so I don’t have permissions…)

Yup. Sometimes the most obvious places are often overlooked. Sorry for the noise.

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