Rendering your own graphics with gtk

I want to write my own graphics engine and use a gtk 3.
I can’t figure out how to render frame by frame using double buffering and vertical sync. In addition, I would like to calculate the FPS.
I also noticed that all widgets adjust to their own sizes. I’m thinking of making my own resolution and enlarging the image to place it in the buffer.

Which widget should I use? Or is it better to write my own widget?

I would recommend at the very least using OpenGL if possible. If you use GtkGLArea, that should be double buffer vsynced automatically. To measure FPS, you can increase a counter every time the render method/signal is called.

For fast scaling you may want to render to your own GL framebuffer and then scale that in a final “post process” step. That way you can control the filtering and aspect ratio yourself.

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