Rename "Rename" to "Edit name"

The “Rename” task in the right-click menu might be more precisely phrased as “Edit name” or “Edit filename.”


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Why? Isn’t “Rename” concise and perfect? Also when it is a folder, you need to set it “Edit folder name” / “Edit directory name”, which is precisely reflected by “Rename”. :wink:

I’m intrigued as to why you feel rename isn’t suitable?

Because the user is not necessarily going to change the file’s name. They merely wish to edit it.

edit [noun]
change (text) on a computer.
synonyms: amend, emend, correct, alter, change, adapt, copy-edit, rewrite

“rename [file]” or “edit [file]name” both mean the same thing: change the filename

Could you expand on your point? I’m missing something

Is there a different nuance in the English language, or in a particular dialect of the English language?

In my opinion, “Rename” assigns the user a specific action — to wit, that they will rename the file. They are offered no free will in the matter.

“Edit name,” on the other hand, invites openness and creativity.

I’m not sure why you think that “Rename” removes free will from the matter while “Edit name” doesn’t. “Edit name” also ‘assigns the user a specific action’ - editing. Ultimately, the action is very limited either way, it’s just made to rename files and in that case, the more concise and unaware of the situation option is the better one.

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You are correct! I yield before superior logic.

Well that’s kinda what I’m wondering

I really don’t see how there is a difference between them, the user changes the filename either way and “rename” feels more natural (if nothing else because everyone else uses it)

I like that way. It’s similar to other OS’s. And it does exactly what it says…

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After a little discussion of the English language you’ll see we came to the conclusion “Rename” (as used in other systems) is the right choice

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