Remove the delay on the workspace switcher

I’ve been using GNOME without barely any extensions the past few weeks and I’ve gotten really used to it. The only ones I have enabled are Pano Clipboard, Custom Hot Corners Extended (so I can invert the colors of individual windows), and Top Panel Workspace scroll.

Top Panel Workspace scroll allows you to switch workspaces by scrolling anywhere on the top panel. I think this functionality is absolutely essential on desktop, and I love the fact that GNOME 45 somewhat added it with the workspace indicator/switcher replacing activities.

The only problem I have with the way it’s currently implemented is there is a very annoying delay that prevents you from scrolling fast. In other words a certain amount of time needs to pass before you can go to the next workspace. The extension I mentioned above eliminates that delay, and makes it feel really smooth and productive.

I believe the delay should be removed without having to use the extension, and maybe even in the overview well as well.

I’m just wondering (as the author of CHC-E) why you’re using the TPWS extension to switch workspaces when the CHC-E extension allows you to switch workspaces by scrolling over the top edge of the display, which also works in full screen. CHC-E also allows you to adjust the minimal delay between actions (scroll events in your case).

Idk. I used to use something along the lines of “True Window Color Invert”. I installed your extension because the previous one was longer supported on GNOME45 and this showed up in the results. All I did was assign the window color invert effect to Alt+I and haven’t touched it since. I will have to take a look and see what else it offers :smiley:

I’m glad you’ve discovered the keyboard part of the CHC-E :slight_smile: However, it offers much more; corners can be clickable and expanded over the edges. My configuration includes switching workspaces by scrolling over the right half of the top edge and switching between windows of the current workspace by scrolling over the left half of the edge, the Brightness Inversion is assigned to the click on the right top edge.

The only way I know is an extension. They dont slow down the OS and don’t eat resourses (this isn’t Windows). So just check out an extension called Just Perfection
It has almost every tweak to the Gnome desktop interface you can think off. So this is exactly what you and most users need without having to enter commands at the terminal.

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