Remote Content Download - no options

Recently my Evolution mail has stopped giving my options for the remote download of content in email messages. The little purple icon is there. If I click it then it shows the normal display as shown in the attached screenshot, but the drop down selector doesn’t do anything. It used to show options to download images from various source but now does nothing, no options are shown. The behaviour is the same whether I’m in preview mode or have opened the message. Evolution was installed from a .deb package and only has EWS added for Outlook support. I’ve tried both --reinstalling the package and uninstalling then installing both evolution and evolution-ews packages, but no change. Evolution is 3.52.0-1build2 and it’s running on the latest Ubuntu 24 (updated daily).

this is a mutter bug, I’m not sure since which version. I suppose you updated it recently. It’s tracked here:

and it seems it has a recently added proposed fix too, still to be reviewed at the moment.

Thank you so much. I did search for a bug before I posted but couldn’t find it. Cheers for taking the time to reply!