Release Set for GNOME 46

Can there be Devel Release set for GNOME 46 on page:

There is stable (GNOME 45)


It will be created soon.

While exploring, you can click on a module name in the 45 branches:

Then click on the module name again:

Afterward, find your language and click on it:

You can now start translating without waiting for the new branch. :wink:

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It doesn’t make much sense starting translation work early in the development cycle. Strings might change multiple times until the final release, resulting in obsolete translations…


See GNOME 46 Release Sets not ready on DL (#482) · Issues · Infrastructure / damned-lies · GitLab

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Thanks for information.

That is helpful to start work on this. :pray:

I think you missed the point here. Please do not start working on main/master branches for GNOME yet, even if there are ways to find them on Damned Lies. They are still being actively developed and you have a high risk of your work getting thrown away with strings being changed or removed.

I see you’re part of the Punjabi team. At the moment, the most useful modules you can work on are:

  1. Stable branches (usually gnome-45) in GNOME 45, and then check the cherry-pick box when pushing so your work also gets used in the development branch. If you could get this branch to 100% for modules such as gnome-software, simple-scan, or epiphany, that would be great. There will be a more stable releases, so this will actually be used by people, while reducing your workload when you switch to the development release.
  2. Translate modules from Circle and Other apps. Remember to watch the i18n tag here and translate apps when developers announce an upcoming release. Topics tagged i18n

I can’t see the cherry-pick box. Could you share a screenshot? Is this box related to user roles? My role is the translator.

As a translator, you don’t push to the repo, do you? :slightly_smiling_face: I did say when pushing, right?

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