RDP configured via Sharing/Remote Desktop does not work

Server-side OS: Ubuntu 22.04.1
Client-side OS: elementary OS 6.1
Clients: Gnome Connections (flatpak), Remmina (flatpak)

Gnome Connections either prints The DNS host name was not found or endlessly spinning the wheel.

Remmina just crashes.

Maybe there is an unfortunate combination of bugs in Gnome Connections and Remmina?

The remote desktop address generated by Sharing/Remote Desktop is confusing. Why is it ms-rd:// when many tutorials mention rdp://? Why are the IP and port not explicitly stated? What does .local mean?

In some forums it is recommended to buy a static IP from ISP to ensure remote access. Perhaps such answers are left by people interested in financial gain;). I would like to hear an independent opinion.

Buying a static IP did not help. I assume that one of the Gnome components - Sharing or Connections - has a bug.

What does .local mean?

It’s effectively a useless address that will only work if you connect from the same computer. GNOME cannot manage your network’s DNS for you, so there’s no way it can actually figure out what address you need to use to connect. So it generates an address that won’t work and tells you to use that. I’m not sure why somebody decided that this makes sense. Anyway, it sounds like Connections is doing the right thing: it’s reporting that the address you’re trying to connect to is not resolvable. Try connecting via IP address instead.

For Remmina, you should report a bug.

Thanks for the reply!

Can the toggles in Sharing/Remote Desktop really activate RDP for remote access? Or do I need to make a more low-level configuration on the server side?

UPD. If I connect via Connections by IP, the behavior becomes other. The login and password are now asked not once but twice. And then a new error is printed: Authentication failed: The connection failed. The password I took from Sharing/Remote Desktop of the server. Is the password from that place valid?

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