[Question/Help Request] [GNOME 43 Wayland] Fullscreen Games do not follow rotation of desktop, only detects original vertical orientation

Hello, Since updating to Gnome 43, Proton games behave as if the screen is in its vertical orientation, instead of horizontal landscape. Originally I was using Manjaro Gnome 42 Wayland on my GPD Win 2 Device, which requires the desktop orientation to be rotated horizontal, as the default orientation upon installation is vertical. In Gnome 42 Wayland, games could be set at 1280 x 720, and resolutions lower than that like 960x540, however since Gnome 43 games behave as if the screen is vertical. I tested on both Gnome 43 Wayland and Xorg, and both have this issue. Interestingly, this issue was in Gnome 42 Xorg, but not Wayland. I have attached a screenshot example. [GNOME 43 Wayland] Games do not follow desktop rotation orientation, only detects original vertical orientation - Imgur Any help/workaround would be much appreciated, as I want the games to detect the landscape ornamentation.

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