Question for candidates who aren't foundation members: involvement

This is a question specifically for board candidates who are not currently foundation members.

You’re no doubt aware that the board pushed a change to the foundation bylaws to enable you to run.

A lot of disparate topics arose during those events. Perhaps only one that’s directly a question for you as a candidate, though. And that’s this: why did you choose not to be involved before?

To be as clear as possible, this is not asking for statements of general principle or ideals, it’s asking you about your actual actions and your decisions. Anyone is able to become a foundation member, and even non-members can voluntarily get involved in lots of activities, including working with committees. So why is it that you have not done that in the past?

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Good question ! In the past, I’ve been involved on the technical side of things via libsmbclient (Samba client library) which is used by gvfs, but I haven’t been involved in the GNOME Foundation governance side of things.

I’m really busy with Samba and the other Boards I’m on (Software Freedom Conservancy and OASIS). I decided to get involved in the GNOME Foundation after my work changed to mandate GNOME as the default desktop on all engineering Linux machines. At that point I realized it is very important to ensure a healthy and diverse GNOME Foundation, and got buy-in from management to devote more time. Let me know if that answers your question.

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