[Question] Evolution Collected mail addresses

Using Evolution 3.50.1 on Fedora Silverblue 39. No extensions (GNOME) other than default ones (Evolution).

When forwarding an email to somebody I have been having email contact with their name does not automatically appear when I type it in the To: address field.

I.e. I have been sending to and receiving messages to/from person 1. Now I’d like to forward a message from Person 2 to Person 1 but Person 1’s address does not auto-fill in the To: field meaning I have to either type it manually (if I remember it) or search for an email of theirs in the main window and copy-paste their address.

Is there a way to make Evolution collect and remember addresses from incoming messages?

Perhaps this needs to be turned on in the preferences but so far I have been unable to find it.

you are right, this can be changed in the Preferences. I think it is
enabled by default, but I can be wrong.

Open Edit->Preferences->Contacts->Automatic Contacts tab, where you can
set into which addressbook the contacts you send messages to are saved.

Then switch to the General tab and make sure the chosen address book
for automatic contacts is selected for autocompletion.


Thank you. This I missed. BTW I do not think it is enabled by default.

I have made the changes and am now eagerly awaiting my address book getting populated with new entries!

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