Python plugin dev - how to access files?


I’m trying to build a python plugin to copy my playlists files to a predefined folder; I succeed to create the plugin, load it in rhythmbox, add an ui element and attach an action to it, but i’m stuck on how to access to the playlists files info.
I found how to list playlists and get their names via shell.props.playlist_manager but I didn’t find a way to get the actual files. I guess it may has something to do with RhythmDBQueryModel

I see the export function to get .m3u etc from playlists, and I can eventually generate a playlist file then read it and copy the files here, but I hope I can only copy the files without exporting the playlist

Did you have any pointer on how to get files info via the playlists ? Or an extension doing something similar (for the moment I found plugins which get infos about currently playling song, but not about songs in playlists)

The most complete doc I found is here : Classes - RB 3.0 , is there another doc ? Maybe its possible to generate python bindings doc via source code ?
Or maybe I need to read a bit of the Gtk doc ?

Thank you in advance !

ps: for a bit of background, I use rhythmbox with a big network folder and want to sync my playlists files to a local folder

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