Python GTK Application Not Responding to User Input

I have developed a Python application using GTK for the GNOME desktop environment. The application runs smoothly, but I’m encountering an issue where it becomes unresponsive to user input after a certain period of time. Initially, everything works fine, but after some usage, buttons, menus, or other interactive elements stop responding to clicks or keyboard input.


  • I’m using Python with GTK (PyGTK) for developing the application.
  • The application interfaces with various components of the GNOME desktop environment.
  • The issue occurs intermittently and seems to worsen over time with prolonged usage of the application.
  • Restarting the application resolves the problem temporarily, but it reoccurs after some time.
  • I have checked for any memory leaks or resource-intensive operations but couldn’t find any obvious cause.
  • This issue is affecting the usability of the application, and I’m seeking guidance on how to diagnose and resolve it effectively.

Request for Assistance:

  1. Any insights on common pitfalls or known issues related to Python GTK applications that could lead to unresponsiveness?
  2. Suggestions for debugging techniques or tools to identify the root cause of the unresponsiveness issue?
  3. Any specific best practices or optimizations recommended for Python GTK applications to ensure smooth and responsive user interaction?
  4. Are there any relevant resources, documentation, or forums where I can find more information or seek assistance on this matter?

Any help or guidance in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated!

Welcome, @benstokes!

Does that happen on X11 or on Wayland? it’s PyGTK so I assume it’s using GTK2 :slightly_smiling_face:

You may track whether the events arrive to GTK and how the events are handled: gtk/gtkmain.c · gtk-2-24 · GNOME / gtk · GitLab. For that you need a debugger like gdb and a build of GTK2 with debug symbols

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