PyGObject: Run/deploy on Windows without Msygw2 or similar things?

The guide page of PyGObject says that one should use Msyg2 to run the script on Windows, but I find that way cumbersome and impractical. Even for my own usage, installing Msyg2 and run my GTK Python script in Msyg2 is a lot cumbersome than running regular Python script using python3.exe, but if I want to deploy my GTK Python script to other Windows users, it is impractical to tell other users to install Msyg2 and run those command lines to run my script.

There is a GTK+ 3.0 runtime installer for Windows. Is there a different way to run my GTK Python script using that runtime and Windows Python runtime without using a virtual Linux environment like Msyg2 or Cygwin or something?

The Contact page of PyGObject says that if one has any questions, use the Issue Tracker, but when I asked this question on the Issue Tracker, the moderator told me to post it here and closed the issue, so I am posting it here, even though I am not sure if this is the right place to ask a question about PyGObject.

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