Pygobject - examples for dbus usage

I want to use pygobject to make a dbus server and client (combined actually). Spent some time searching and I only found one simple example but it used python-dbus. I found the generated API reference for pygobject but that’s not very helpful. Dfeet is probably my best reference but also hard to read through all the gtk stuff and make sense of the dbus usage.

I want example of a basic dbus service and client with async/sync examples. Anyone know of a good place to find that?

What are you trying to do? Python and dbus are here -

I usually use the introspection stuff to figure out how the interface. It’s a trial and error thing which is painful. But it’s worth sharing your experience when you’re done so that others can benefit from your work.

Ok I see that library uses the gobject dbus library so that will work great. It seems like it has some ok docs too. Thats great thanks!

I’m trying to write something like but for linux desktops.

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