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So I came up with an idea for a small project I started with in April, but I abandoned it because of the arrival of GTK4 and… yes, it was my first project in Python, and I cannot make friends with this language. I find Python’s syntax terrible to read. This is my personal opinion I don’t want to upset someone with.

After tinkering around for 3 months, I narrowed down my search for languages between JavaScript and Ruby, but finally my favourite was JavaScript, more precisely Node-JS, since it is a locally running app (no web app).

Now, I started out with my new app using node-gtk:


I want to use this forum here to push this project, node-gtk, because I think the developer who calls himself romgrk along with a few others are doing a great job. However, this project needs some more developers who can go more into it (sorry, I am too far away from C++ which is used by node-gtk). The reason to favour node-gtk in contrast to GJS is that is only needs a stock Node-JS, without modifications.

Since I am already writing my app, I summarize some points:

  • supports GTK4
  • missing support of templates
  • GTK loop interferes with Node-JS loop in some way

Herewith, I challenge developers who have too much leisure time to catch up to make Node-Gtk advance.


What would be the advantage of it compared to GJS?

programming using a widely adopted language is always preferable. more stackoverflow hits when googling. more problems already solved, more packages already published so you have to spend less time re-inventing the wheel.

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Something to be aware of is that GJS is “platformless” JavaScript backed the GNOME platform, so you avoid platform overlap. So while you’ll get the benefit of the node.js platform many of the types it uses will be incompatible with counterparts in the GNOME platform (eg. Stream vs GInputStream/GOutputStream), which GTK and friends will expect.

Not to put a damper on the project at all, because Python also has it’s own standard library and PyGObject is fantastic! Looking forward to seeing some cool projects out of this :slight_smile:

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