Push notifications for Linux

Linux needs push notifications, but we don’t want one, centralized online service that read we all notifications, like Android has Google Firebase Messaging Service and iOS has Apple Push Notification service. Luckily, we have the solution for this and that is UnifiedPush. UnifiedPush is open protocol/standard for connection between online service → notification service and notification service’s client → application. It enables the user to choose the service through he receives his push notifications.

Status of UnifiedPush on Linux

On Linux we lack have for the UnifiedPush distributors’s clients¹ and applications that support UnifiedPush. KDE’s have WIP KUnifiedPush library and with it NeoChat is going to support UnifiedPush.

¹online service like matrix. org send notifications via UnifiedPush protocol → to users choices notification service (distributor) like ntfy.sh and ntfy.sh send notification to ntfy.sh with own protocol/method → to ntfy.sh’s client and it send notification via UnifiedPush protocol → to application like Fractal

So, can Gnome apps like Fractal and Tuba with or without library will support UnifiedPush? And can contributors of Gnome contribute to distributor softwares or (which I hope) make new project for better dstributor software?




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