Public Voice Communication (gnome-voice 5.0.0) [Bachelor thesis, NTNU, 2025]

Progress Report on Voice.

The latest source code for Voice 5.0.0 is available from as a draft of Bachelor thesis in Programming at NTNU in Norway.

You can view more information on the Voice 5.0.0 source code and the Voice 1.0 specification on

Enjoy Voice 5.0.0 on the GNOME 45 Desktop Platform with Sondre Lerche - Understudy (2023) streams.

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Ole Aamot

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Hello, contains all the materials, it describes what the app does however I don’t see the full picture.
What might be some real life use case for this?
Should I record 24/7 from the microphone and periodically upload to the site at or is this for individual recordings?
The stream at sounds like a radio broadcast. Is this intended as a background music?
At the front page there are references to ogg vorbis codec. When I navigate to the site, I can see some MP3 files there.

Hello pvagner,

It seems like gnome-voice at the moment a world wide voice (wwv) project operated by a third party and not GNOME Foundation.

As of my last knowledge update in November 2023, I don’t have specific information about,, or, as these might be new developments or services that emerged after that time.

However, based on the information you’ve provided:

  • Real-Life Use Case:
    It’s not entirely clear from your message what the specific use case of gnome-voice is. If it involves recording audio and uploading it periodically, it could have applications in various fields such as podcasting, voice logging, or other audio-related projects. Without more context, it’s challenging to pinpoint a specific use case.

  • Continuous Recording:
    Whether you should record 24/7 or make individual recordings depends on the intended purpose of the application. Continuous recording might be suitable for applications like surveillance or continuous monitoring, while individual recordings could be more appropriate for discrete events or user-initiated actions.

  • Streaming Audio at perceptron:
    The stream you mentioned does sound like a radio broadcast. It’s possible that it serves as a background audio stream for a website or application. Without more context, it’s hard to determine the exact purpose.

  • Codec Discrepancy:
    If there’s a reference to the Ogg Vorbis codec on the front page of gnome-voice, but you see MP3 files on perceptron, there might be a discrepancy. Different audio formats may be used for different purposes, and it’s possible that the information on the front page hasn’t been updated to reflect the current state of the service.

To get more accurate and up-to-date information, I recommend checking the official documentation or contacting the support team of gnome-voice or perceptron. Additionally, community forums or user discussions related to these services might provide insights into their functionalities and use cases.

Historically I worked on gtk-radio and gphoto maintainance, but it is difficult to see the enhancement from gtk-radio in gnome-voice since it is a single stream without location annotation, allthough it seems like uploading is not intended.

I noticed that 5.0.0 places $HOME/Desktop/$USERNAME.voice files in Desktop/ on GNOME 45, but that no Ogg Vorbis files are recorded into $HOME/Desktop/$USERNAME.ogg before running the Voice 5.0.0 wizard.

Does it even comply?

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