Public Voice Communication (gnome-voice 1.6.0) [Voicegram Standard Draft, 2023-07-25]

You can view more information on the Voice 1.6.0 source code and the Voice application from

Feel free to file issues and fix bugs in the Voice source code. The Git version controlled source repository is available from

The Voicegram Recording Ogg Vorbis [.ogg] and XML file [.voice] is created in G_USER_DIRECTORY_MUSIC (usually $HOME/Music/GNOME.ogg and $HOME/Music/GNOME.voice on American English systems) with g_get_real_name():

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<voice version="1.6.0">
  <station name="Sondre Lerche" uri="">
    <location lat="37.7808297" lon="-122.3983918">San Francisco, California</loc

You’ll find the recorded Ogg Vorbis audio files along with the Voicegram Recording XML files in g_get_user_special_dir(G_USER_DIRECTORY_MUSIC) (usually $HOME/Music/) on GNOME 45 systems configured in the American English language.

The audio signals recorded with Voice version 1.6.0 have usually a sample rate of 44,100 Hz and are stored in the $HOME/Music/GNOME.ogg and $HOME/Music/GNOME.voice files for the label “GNOME”.

It is possible to configure multiple Voice listening streams with for example <stream></stream> in $PREFIX/share/gnome-voice.xml. Your private Voice files is never shared with the public and can be kept private unless you manually share, upload or email the $HOME/Music/GNOME.ogg or $HOME/Music/GNOME.voice files or install a public web server such as Apache on your computer and copy $HOME/Music/GNOME.voice to $HOME/public_html/GNOME.voice in your public_html/ home directory on the public Apache web server.

Enjoy Voice 1.6 developments for the new, upcoming GNOME 45 Desktop Platform.

Enjoy Voice,
Ole Kristian

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