Public Voice Communication (gnome-voice 0.6.0) [Bachelor thesis, NTNU, 2025]

GNOME Radio 48 for GNOME 43 features active markers for live music and voice chats around the Earth with pseudo-exact (lat,lon) location on a Champlain-based map.

See GNOME Radio 16 for GNOME 42 – Ole Aamot

My first Bachelor thesis was titled

Public Internet Radio Client for Accessing Free Audio Maps in Countries with Free Speech (OMU, 2020)
GNOME Internet Radio Locator (gnome-internet-radio-locator) version 3.0.1
GNOME Radio (gnome-radio) version 48.1

My second Bachelor thesis was titled

Public Audio Recording Software for Recording World Sounds (UiO, 2022)
GNOME Gingerblue (gingerblue) version 6.2.0 (20220501)

My third Bachelor thesis to be titled

Public Voice Communication Software for Radio and Music Recording Software (NTNU, 2025)
GNOME Voice (gnome-voice) version 0.6.0 (20220815)

will be focused on writing Voice, the replacement of Radio for GNOME 44, possibly with help from the GNOME Community.


Much work is left to be designed and coded in Voice.

The idea is a Voice application with the voicegram location illustrated with Cairo marker on the Champlain-based OpenStreetMap background and a multiple AUDIO-URL1AUDIO-URL2 XML player, based on source code and ideas from the Radio 48 for GNOME 43 application.

GNOME Voice 0.6.0 is now available from

Should the gnome-voice be imported on GNOME Gitlab in GNOME/gnome-voice.git or ole/gnome-voice.git?

Thanks, GNOME Community.

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It’s great to work on FLOSS for a bachelor or master thesis! My bachelor thesis was also to continue the development of a GTK application (but it was a long time ago, with GTK 2 :wink: )

My understanding, but it’s maybe wrong, is that naming an application “GNOME Something” is now discouraged.

If your repository is hosted on your personal account, it can always be moved later to GNOME/ or World/, with an automatic redirection.

Yes, “GNOME” in app names is reserved for GNOME core apps. Voice could ask to become a GNOME circle app :+1:

Software Policy
App Organization
GNOME Circle

Thank you, Sébastien Wilmet.

The latest source code for Voice 1.0.1 is available from and a draft of Bachelor thesis in Programming at NTNU is available from,2025.pdf

You can view more information on the Voice 1.0.1 source code and the Voice application on from

Feel free to file issues and fix bugs in the Voice source code. The Git version controlled source repository is available from

Enjoy Voice 1.0 with the upcoming GNOME 44 Desktop Platform.

Best regards,
Ole Aamot

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