Proton online account


just a question/idea, it would be nice to have the possibility to add a Proton account in “Online account” in order to have Mail, Calendar and Drive connected to the Gnome desktop.

I don’t if something like this should be done by Proton dev and/or Gnome dev.

It’s just an idea…



Hi, I am not aware of any way to hook into the Proton services api wise.

The mail infrastructure is only accessible through the bridge, the drive is still in Beta, and I haven’t found any api for the Calendar, most likely cause it needs some scheme like the bridge to be accessed.

Hey, I found this repo on the Proton GitHub organization, perhaps it could be used to help get a grip on the API? It looks like there isn’t any documentation, the maintainer seems to suggest opening inspect element and monitoring the network traffic to determine what the API endpoints are.

I’ve looked at the code for Online Accounts briefly, and only saw the ability to add new mail accounts that work via IMAP/SMTP. To add support for Proton inside of Online Accounts, I think an implementation of the bridge would be required to adapt it to IMAP/SMTP.

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