Problems with GtkScrolledWindow inside GtkFixed

I am working on a FilterGraph in an image processing/painting application.

The when user right-clicks on the canvas. It will add a widget containing a GtkListBox, that is populated with all possible ImageProcessor:s. The idea is to also add a search bar to that pop-up, so the user can search for a particular ImageProcessor.

However, when placed inside GtkScrolledWindow, GtkListBox cannot detect mouse events properly. It thinks that it is located at the upper left corner of the outer-most widget. If I remove the GtkScorlledWindow and puts it directly inside the surrounding GtkFrame, everything works. Here is the widget hierarchy:

I think the problem is related to the Adjustment that should be associated with GtkScrolledWindow. How then should these be updated. Do I have to update these manually if the user moves the widget?

Links: WidgetCanvas (User moveable widgets)

Listbox wrapper

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