Problems exporting email to PDF (Evolution)

The email export/print tool to PDF file format is not working. I tried and it is not possible to view or save the PDF email in the folders in the home directory (Documents, Downloads, etc.), preventing the export from completing. I leave here my report about the bug in question.

Hi, if there is some problem then please provide clear steps to reproduce (step by step, click by click), basic information (Evolution version, distribution name and version), and package format (RPM? Deb? Snap? Flatpak? Something else?), and what exactly does happen (not what does not happen). Thanks!

what is your exact Evolution version and the WebKitGTK version, please?

The print to file should work. Do you get any error or any such thing
when you try that, please? Maybe run Evolution from a terminal and see
whether it prints anything related there.

I’m not sure what sort of Export you’ve on mind. Could you be more
specific, please? Like what and where you click on, to avoid confusion.
Thanks and bye,

Andre and Milan, thanks for the response.

Below is the basic information required.

I use the Fedora Linux 39 (Workstation Edition), GNOME version 45.2 distribution. Evolution version 3.50.2, in Flatpak format, downloaded directly from Flathub via GNOME store ( WebKitGTK version: webkitgtk6.0 (2.42.3-1.fc39).

Step by step of the problem found:

(1) I try to open any email and then launch the command “Ctrl + P” (“Print”) on the keyboard to print the document (or click directly on the print icon); (2) the print window opens on the screen and then I choose the “Print to file” option, selecting PDF as the output format; (3) however, when trying to choose the file’s output directory, it is not possible to save the file anywhere, nor view or choose personal folders (Desktop, Documents, Downloads, etc.); (4) even if I try to choose a directory and click the “Print” button, the final file is not created (as if Evolution didn’t have permission to create or save it, perhaps?). The curious thing is that if I open the chosen output directory, within Evolution itself, the “printed” files appear there, but they do not actually exist on the disk, not even in hidden mode.

I leave a video of the aforementioned step by step done: or

I hope that my clarifications will be of great value to both of you and the GNOME community, particularly because I consider Evolution to be simply one of the best computer programs ever built.

This version of Evolution is directly supported in Fedora 39, so it’s
not necessary to use the Flatpak version. Just install it from the
package repo as normal:

$ sudo dnf install evolution


that’s correct observation. The Flatpak version runs in a sandbox,
which has limited access to the host system, including limited set of
directories being propagated into the sandbox.

The print dialog is handled by the WebKitGTK, not the one in your host
system, but the one in the org.gnome.Platform flatpak bundle, which the
flatpak Evolution uses. The WebKitGTK uses GtkPrintUnixDialog directly.
A side note, picking for example the /tmp/ in the dialog will use
in-the-sandbox /tmp/ directory, not in-the-host directory.

There is filled a WebKitGTK bug:
Please see it for any further updates.

As Patrick said, the same version is supported in your distro, thus I’d
rather use that one, because you get much better integration with the
desktop functions (the limitations are due to the Flatpak sandbox).

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