Problem with scrollbar operation

OS: Xubuntu 20.04

This issue relates to the manner in which scrollbars operate. On Linux, with most applications (Firefox, LibreOffice, etc.), when clicking in the scrollbar gutter you get:

B1: Scroll a page worth in the specified direction
B2: Jump to specified location
B3: N/A

However, I’ve discovered at least two programs that use GTK (Geeqie and GIMP) where this behavior changed and now operate as follows:

B1: Jump to specified location
B2: N/A
B3: Scroll a page worth in the specified direction

In the development group, someone suggested:

GTK can be made to behave like the first case, by using the gtk-primary-button-warps-slider setting, on a per-app basis.

For a long time I have had:

gtk-primary-button-warps-slider = false

in both my ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini as well as the system-wide /etc/gtk-3.0/settings.ini files, but this has not altered the behavior in either program.

How can I get the original (top) scrolling behavior reestablished? Is this something the user can accomplish or is it baked into these application when they are compiled?


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