Problem with pop fetching from 1 of 3 yahoo accounts

I have three nearly identical email accounts ( domain) managed by Yahoo. As far as I can tell, all three are configured identically (pop3.) However, two of them retrieve messages with no problem, but the third either times out or gives an error which mentions [SYS/TMP] and says to try again. If I set the two working ones to not fetch mail, the third still gives the same error. My IMAP connection to that same account works just fine. Command line debug just shows “finalised connection to” with no error.

These accounts are old, not very active, and far from critical for me, but I’d really love to understand why one behaves differently from the other two. I don’t remember exactly when this started happening, but I think it was relatively recently. Note I don’t expect any actual problem on Balsa’s part - just hoping someone here might have a suggestion of what else I can look at.

Well, after lots of useless, misleading, and extremely frustrating searching, I found the answer. I suppose I should have remembered, but the last time I think it was for a different reason or different error message. The problem is that for yahoo served email account, to fetch by pop3 you need to use an application specific password, not the password you would use to access webmail. Oddly, I didn’t even need to generate a new one, but copied the old one from the file I stored it in about a year and a half ago.
Thanks to Yahoo and/or AT&T (the actual server is for serving up useful error messages.

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