Problem with Gtk4 in static mode on Linux/FreeBSD

Hello everyone,

I have readden editing from gtk directory and i have tested gtk4 without installing gtk4 shared libraries.

On my computer I build gtk4 (4.12.4l) and i test my simple hello World app into my laptop without installing gtk4 runtime. But i don’t understand why does gtk4 not make full statically. Please tell me! Is it correct or wrongly?Gtk3 has full statical mode in executable but i expected app runs without gtk3/gtk4 runtime under Linux/FreeBSD. Example Gimp 2,10 loads annoying required libraries.

Why are Windows Spreaders arrogant and happy against poor naked penguins? I feel disappointed. Please let me to know how do I get statical gtk3/gtk4 on Ubuntu 22.04.3 or I should to use Alpine or Void-Linux (musl-libc)?

Thanks for understanding me and sorry for my bad English!

GTK does not really support static builds: nobody tests them, and even if they manage to work once, we don’t guarantee that they keep working across minor or major releases.

GIMP 2.10 uses GTK2, so it has nothing to do with GTK3 or GTK4 supporting static builds.

Okay Gtk4-developer, @ebassi
But I tried to build statical because I want test with dotnet 7 / 8. If I upload to my Drive of Google and I download to my laptop and my laptop doesn’t install gtk4 for example when I want to know but you are developer/coder of Gtk4, correctly?

I have checked meson build from gtk/
like I saw github / gitlab issue about -Ddefault_library=static I am working on Ubuntu 22.04 I already downloaded required packages for Gtk4.12.4 But I can’t see where is a file ( statical library )
I already installed my custom prefix /Applications/Gtk4.12.4 and PKG_CONFIG_PATH is with $PREFIX/lib:$PREFIX/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu

But I can’t get a file after building and installing

Nothing libgtk-4.a but libgtk-3.a was compiled by my own.

Okay you don’t support static version :frowning: I am very disappointed. I am very happy with xcb because xcb can be static. Please don’t request to dynamical mode.


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