Problem with fixed images width

Hi ;D

I’m new to gtk4 and trying to make a list of images ordered vertically. Images are different in size and could be really high/long.

Everything would be okay if I wouldn’t need all images to be the same width.

Image (this white line are images):





My problem is that for some reason, images are smaller than the available space they have.

It would be also nice if I could dynamically change this width without much of a drawback.

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Since yesterday I have tried using clamp from libadwaita, but my images couldn’t propertly resize to the clamp.

If can_shrink in picture was set to false, then my images went over the borders of clamp, but differently, they would be too small.

Preview (can_shrink: true)




Set homogeneous=true on the box (if the box is horizontal). Otherwise - hexpand=true on all the images.

Unfortunately, the box is vertical and images differ in height and width.

For some reason when I set hexpand to true on all images (GtkPicture) there is no result.

All images are crammed in the window’s boundaries and don’t overflow vertically (without can_shrink ussage), which doesn’t even allow the scrollbar to show.

As if they are locked to it (window’s boundaries).

Ah, then you need to set vscroll-policy to natural on your scrollable - i.e. manually add a GtkViewport and set it there.

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Thank you ;D, now it works.

I added a viewport with vscroll-policy to natural and connected it vadjustment to ScrolledWindow vadjustment.

Final Layout


Connecting vadjustments is automatic, you only need to set the scroll policy.

Not for me when I created it manually (by code).
Only when I created it with .ui, then it is automatic.

How are you creating it exactly then?

In the past I was creating it like this in vala:

var win = new Gtk.ApplicationWindow (app);

var scroll = new Gtk.ScrolledWindow ();

var clamp = new Adw.Clamp ();
clamp.set_maximum_size (500);

var box = new Box (Gtk.Orientation.VERTICAL, 0);
var view = new Viewport (null, scroll.vadjustment);
view.vscroll_policy = ScrollablePolicy.NATURAL;

try {
	var dir = (path, 0);

	string? name = null;
	while ((name = dir.read_name ()) != null) {
		var image = new Gtk.Picture.for_filename (path + "/" + name);
		box.append (image);
} catch (GLib.FileError e) {
	print ("Can't find folder.\n");

view.child = box;
scroll.child = view;
clamp.child = scroll;
win.child = clamp;
win.present ();

But now I’m using .ui file and it just works.

That should work without passing the adjustment, yes. In fact, I’m reasonably sure it’s null at that point anyway.

clamp.child = scroll;

Unrelated, but don’t do this. Scrolled window should never be inside a clamp, your scrollbar is not at the edge of the window atm.

:person_facepalming: I sent an old code. Never mind, but nonetheless thank you for your help.

Now that I know it is possible I can start this project.

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