Problem with dots in application bar

After some recent upgrade dots in apps notification bar started to work wrong.

  1. Dots are placed into app icon directly
  2. There is only one dot for multiple instances of application

I’m using Gnome 42.3 with the latest stable version of Manjaro distribution.

Is this known issue? If so, is there a workaround how to fix it until the issue is fixed?

That’s not an issue with the upstream dash:

Try disabling all extensions and custom themes.

OK, I will try to do that but TBH I have not installed anything like that. I use the default Manjaro stuff so no idea if they have something non-standard there.

I tried
gsettings set disable-user-extensions true
but once done the whole bar disappeared … Is that expected?

Outside the overview: Yes.

Inside the overview: No, an extension should restore the previous state when it is disabled.

I’m sorry but I do not understand now. What does it mean inside and outside overview? I executed that command from normal shell window.

Sorry, I should have been clearer.

We call the mode that you enter through the “Activities” button, the “Super” (windows) key or a 3-finger swipe the “overview”. Inside the overview is where you can select windows or start new apps, outside the overview is where you interact with windows.

We only show the dash (that’s how we call the applications bar) inside the overview, but there are extensions like dash-to-dock that modify that behavior to show it outside as well.

OK, got it, thanks for explanation.

So I disabled extensions again and when I accessed the mode via “Super” then the dash has correct dots for running apps. If I enabled extensions back, the problem is back again.

Is it the dash-to-dock extension native Gnome feature or is it something which is overwritten / added by Manjaro?

It’s not a GNOME feature, no. It’s a separate project, and it looks like Manjaro (like Ubuntu) includes and enables it by default.

I see, thanks a lot!

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