Problem with debugging on GNOME Builder

I create a new project in GNOME Builder, I get a window that says org.gnome.Platform needs to be installed, I click on it, but then it says “Is there a problem with the current build configuration” and so I installed it from FlatHub and it worked, but it still shows me the message that it needs to be installed. You know, anyone, what to do with it? What should I do?Can I advise?


When building an app you need both the .Platform and .Sdk parts of the runtime. Try installing the .Sdk like so.

flatpak install org.gnome.Sdk//40 org.gnome.Platform//40

I installed it from FlatHub, and it worked, but even so, the window in Builder shows “In order to build a project, Builder needs to install the following software development kit” even after restarting the computer. I use Manjaro Linux with KDE Plasma.

Here is a list of GNOME Builder runtimes:

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