Problem with css theme styling scrollbars

Using GTK3, I am using my own variant of the clearlooks theme, and have found fixes for the most obvious problems that I have found - but now I have a problem which I cannot find a solution to:


The highlighted area in the picture - how can I get either the scrollbar of a treeview to reach all the way up, or the header buttons to reach all the way to the right? What in the css should I be looking for?

My css theme here:

Are you sure that this is a theme/CSS issue? Is there any other theme where this issue is not present?

I suppose that both options, mentioned by you, can be implemented only by appropriate placing/containing widgets, not by styling. What you can probably do with styles is setting another background color for the problematic area.

In general, I would be interested in a more sophisticated answer because I have a similar issue with GtkTextView contained by GtkScrolledWindow: there is a gap in the corner if both scrollbars are visible.

No, not sure at all… I haven’t noticed it in any other themes either, though. (I’ll admit I haven’t searched very thoroughly though). As you say I can set the background to the grey in the interface, but I find this to be really ugly in the case where I have a similar list that just have a few entries - then it will be lightgray too underneath the entries while the background of the actual entries are white, and not white all over the scrolled-window - which I find a bit ugly.

[edit] What would be nice, of course - would be if there was some way to change the background color ONLY for the header row (in my case). [/edit]

You can style widgets only. The header row must be a widget then (e.g. a box container; however, styling containers is a little tricky). Whether this is so, you can find out by using the GTK interactive debugger that provides a lot of usefull information about the structure and properties of the visible interface. Alternatively, you can style a collection of widgets that occupy some area. In your case, you can style all the header buttons by setting their background color to white (probably incl. the right border of the rightmost button). Then you get a white header row. However I’m not sure whether you’ll find this effect pleasant.

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