Problem upgrade from debian Buster to Bullseye to Bookworm with Evolution 3.46.4-2


The problem is I can’t read my email in the Inbox. I can read an email when is in other folder !

Thanks for your answers. I have to go my service provider to read my income email !

Erreur durant Stockage du dossier « Inbox ».

UNIQUE constraint failed: mem.Inbox.uid

Échec lors de la génération de la liste des messages

UNIQUE constraint failed: mem.Inbox.uid

I think the problem is fix ! I see my email in inbox !
the fix !
I went in the folder:
and I rename folder.db to ***folder.db (15 megs !)
Restart Evolution
Evolution then create a new folder.db (now 2.7 megs !)
I used to evolution since 2009 at least ! Maybe more !



it looks like your local cache broke for some reason. Try to close
Evolution, then move away ~/.cache/evolution/mail/ directory and then
run Evolution. It’ll re-populate the local cache from scratch, which
should help for remote accounts like IMAP or EWS.

Hi Milan,

My fix was working well. Then I try your fix.
I undo my fix in renaming folder.db in .local/share/evolution/mail/local
I use the old folder.db at 15 megs
Then try your fix.
I move away evolution/mail/ directories and run Evolution
Sample problem with UNIQUE constraint failed: mem.Inbox.uid

Then put back in .local/share/evolution/mail/local the refresh folder.db
with the new evolution/mail/ directories and run Evolution.

Everything seen OKay!

What do you think the problem would be with my fix and your fix ?
Is the two fix compatible ?

I think my main problem was that I din’t use the archivage option in Evolution and when I upgraded to the last stable version of Evolution the where no archivage folder available ?

Thanks for your help,


the problem was that you did not specify which Inbox had the problem.
The directory I gave you was for remote accounts (IMAP and the like),
while you had a problem with On This Computer/Inbox, which is in a
different directory. That’s all.

What exactly caused the problem I do not know. Using builtin backup
file after upgrade won’t help, I’m afraid, especially if the problem
was in the file already, before the upgrade.


Since updated other day, appears have same/similar problem as NOT able to read emails content/text.

So far can only view content/text when use View then Message Source

PRETTY_NAME=“openSUSE Leap 15.5”
GNOME version= 41.8
Windowing System=Wayland

My incoming emails shows Server Type as IMAP (
My outgoing emails show Server Type as SMTP ( (Port 465)

Find able to open/download to view enclosed PDF’s , the html and text messages are NOT readable… only view a short blank line, where messages usually able to read.

it does not exhibit the same error message as for Michel, does it?

It sounds like you see a blank preview panel instead. When you’ll try
to scroll, supposing the page content will require scrolling, aka the
message content is long enough, do you see a scrollbar moving as you
scroll, even though the content itself doesn’t paint? This is a
WebKitGTK bug: 257368 – [GTK] WebView content keeps disappearing on Rawhide (Evolution 3.48.1, webkit 2.41.3)


Thanks, your advice helped me to get the text visible.

Other issue will write in seperate message


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