Problem to install gtk

hi to everyone . I tried to install gtk±3.24.23 on my rasperry 4 with rasbian OS, by LXterminal. IT seems all ok, but my compiler doesn’t found gtk libraries. I’m following the instructions by official web site ( . Can someone help me? THANKS

How did you install GTK 3.24.23? What are the errors from your compiler? Have you read the documentation on how to use GTK to compile applications?

Hi. i downloaded file.tar and i have unpacked ( tar xf gtk±3.24.23.tar.xz) . After in the directory:
like root
make install

Then you installed GTK into the /usr/local prefix, which means you’ll have to change the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable to include /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig. Additionally, you may want to check if /usr/local/lib is in your /etc/ configuration, otherwise the linker will have a hard time.

Why are you trying to install GTK from sources, instead of using the native package for your platform?

ok i tried to configure , but i recevied a message " no package gtk±3.0…" found

What did you try to configure?

Can you please explain what are you trying to achieve? Playing 20 questions to extract enough information in order to help you isn’t exactly fun.

i’m sorry but you understand it isn’t easy to explain, i’m not a linux expert. after installing i followed your instructions ( at this link [the documentation on how to use GTK to compile applications ]) . But from LXterminal i received message " no package “gtk±3.0…” found. How can i install the native package ? With apt-get install?

Did you change the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable to include /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig?

I would recommend you don’t try to build things yourself, unless you also decide to put in the time to learn how things are built on Linux.

Assuming Raspbian has an up to date package for GTK3: yes. You will need the “development” package, not just the binary one.

You probably want to ask on a Raspbian/RPi user support forum. Additionally, you may want to ask the LXTerminal developers if they have pre-built packages for Raspbian.

The default terminal on raspbian is actually LXTerminal (with some patches)

To avoid building gtk yourself and fighting pkg-config you’ll want to sudo apt install libgtk-3-dev

Though I’m not sure why, esp as a casual user, your wanting to build LXTerminal yourself

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