Privacy conscious contributors

I am Alex Shopov - the coordinator of the Bulgarian translation team.
I have a very privacy conscious contributor that wants to be known only by their handle and email. I want to check that it is ok for the GNOME project.

My personal opinion is that it is indeed OK and this is no different compared to the general case: Even if a contributor gives me a name - I do not verify it, I do not ask for ID document, I do not go around asking people to confirm the identity.
In many cases I may never see the translator in person.

Additionally I could not find anything contradicting this in the Code of Conduct , the docs on translation and the Privacy Policy.

I always check submitted translations for problems and improvements and thus am not concerned about foul play (and I have never ever had such a case). I just want to confirm that from the GNOME’s project side this is OK.

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Pseudonymous translation contributions are ok. As you implicitely pointed out, we have a process that includes reviews, and so we aren’t exposed as much. The commits from Damned Lies will have to be made in the name of the committer, that’s all.

(I think using real name is only required if signing up for an LDAP account. We don’t accept pseudonymous software maintainers.)

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