Privacy concern : Allow renaming online account sources in Nautilus, I.E Google Drive

Hello there! Nautilus being a file manager is a commonly used piece of software on the desktop. Having online account integration to my cloud storage is also nice. However, Nautilus displays these sources with plain e-mail address, many e-mail address includes our real name, on occasions where we want to show a recording or a screenshot online, it will be difficult to keep online anonymity for those who wants such a thing. Screenshots are easy enough to edit and cover, not so with screen records and streams. To solve this, it would be lovely if we can rename the sources with a custom name.

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You can change the displayed name by editing .config/goa-1.0/accounts.conf and changing the PresentationIdentity of the account. You probably need to restart your session for this to have an effect.

Oh thanks, it would be nice if this was exposed in settings and or nautilus still. But this is enough for me.

This is nice :smiley:. Thanks!

We could display only the name or the service (e.g. Google Drive). The problem with that is if you have 2 accounts for the same service.

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