Print "Build succeeded" on build terminal when a build succeeds

Many times I just click “Build” on a project. Since a build can sometimes take a long time, one can get lost in the thoughts while waiting. However when a build finishes (succeeds or fails) it’s not outright visible as you have to shift your attention from the build terminal to the top status area.

And because the status area only shows “Build succeeded” without any sort of color or something attention catching, it makes you think that the build is not yet finished unless you parse the status.

My proposed solution would be to print the text “Build succeeded” or “Build failed” at the bottom, preferably with a bold text or an emoji like “:white_check_mark:” or “:x:”.


You can see from this image that the build terminal is kind of misleading… It makes you think the build is still running until you look at the top to see the status text.

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