Preparing when emptying Rubbish Bin

Hi, Sorry Ubuntu isn’t using the latest release. GNOME nautilus 45.rc

When the Rubbish Bin contains files mostly in sub-folders, I can empty the Rubbish Bin very quickly, eg 0.5 seconds.
36,353 items, totalling 5.9 GB

However, if I have say 10,000 files directly in the root folder of the Rubbish Bin, it gets stuck showing the “Preparing” dialogue for 3 or more minutes. - Just click the little pie circle that shows the progress of the operation to see this dialog.

Just wondered if anyone else sees the same with the latest release?

Looks like the operation is very different when it needs to process files directly in one folder, rather than just recursively delete them…

There is a workaround, move all files I intend to delete into a folder, then delete the folder to the Rubbish Bin, then empty that…

Hi. Yes, it’s known and reported as deleting a folder with many files is very slow (#714) · Issues · GNOME / gvfs · GitLab

And recently fixed.


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