Power Settings - needs a "custom" option to handle "non-standard" timeout values

About 5 years ago, I made a suggestion to add a “custom” box where a user could enter a value in minutes to control turning off the monitor or going into suspend mode.

Had that suggestion been accepted and worked on, there WERE at least 6 other request for additions to to the timeout value ranging from 1 to 5 minutes, and 30 minutes to several hours.

In my case I made the request because I was having to change the time-out to NEVER to avoid have a reference screen go dark on me while participating in a one or two hour teleconference or presentation. And after the conference would have to remember to reset it to a “reasonable” value. (and would sometimes forget…)

Others have made valid points about needing a one or two minutes timeout on smart-phones, and yet others needed a value that was somewhat longer that 15 minutes.

Not have seen the code for the power settings, I would imagine that it should not be too difficult to allow a value in minutes to be entered into a box…

… result: a relatively simple change that provides user choice.

I just received a notice this morning that many “problems” on this subject previously reported to GetLib were closed around 7:45 this morning. Interesting way to promote the illusion of “nothing needs to be improved”.

I do understand the need for a problems only area, and a separate area for Enhancement requests. Is this for enhancements? But I do not understand where I am supposed to make requests now…

The second case you mention, needing to be able to set minute long timeout on phones, has been addressed:

Though maybe for phones also 30 seconds or even 15 seconds may be wanted as options. That’s what my (not Gnome) phone has as shortest options.

The first case you mention is maybe better addressed by using an extension to disable the screensaver and auto suspend. Caffeine and Espresso can do that, letting you toggle to disable these things. Espresso can do it automatically for full-screen apps.

I don’t know where best to discuss enhancements but I guess here is fine. UI changes have to go through the design team.

To disable screensaver and sleep, a quick toggle has been proposed:

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