Potential EU Funding opportunity for GNOME for 2024


I came across this news item today:

€145 million to boost to European volunteering activities in 2024

The European Solidarity Corps will get new funding worth €145 million in 2024. Thanks to this money, young people across the EU and beyond will be able to volunteer in projects on social inclusion, the green and digital transitions, democratic participation and health.

(highlighting is mine)

(I read from time to time the EU Highlighted news)

I don’t know if the GNOME Foundation is in a position to apply though.

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Edit: add emphasis to the quotation.

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@sonny : I know that you’ll probably be interested by this topic. Other people too.

(I “ping” you because there are many topics on Discourse and this one could fall through a crack :wink: ).

This funding opportunity is like the Google Code In (for which there is an age limit, but I don’t know if Google Code In still exists).

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