Position of "Tool Options"

A bunch of instructions like 3.12. Clone or 5.2. Paths or 4.13. Cage Transform or 5.3. Text all state that “Normally, tool options are displayed in a window attached under the Toolbox as soon as you activate a tool.” (coming from src/toolbox/about-common-options-display.xml).

I don’t think I’ve ever seen that happening - for me Tool Options are either a separate window (when disabling “Windows > Single-Window Mode”) or in single-window mode they are in a panel on the right while the Toolbox is on the left.

Does anyone know if the docs are just outdated, or if this is influenced by a setting I have not found yet? Thanks!

well, it is actually customizable directly with the mouse/pointer by directly grabbing the tab with the title (or icon), and dropping it on the space you want it to stay.

In the image bellow, there is a snapshot in the process of it being dragged from an stand alone window to the default area, under the toolbox. Notice the area shines in blue when the target is active - when I release the mouse at this point, it attaches there.

Eh, true, thanks.

But what is its default position?

under the toolbox, as is in the docs.
I find it convenient, moreover, it will be where it is placed in most tutorials/videos/docs/books.

Hmm, “under the toolbox” was not the case for me on a fresh 2.99.x git master installation with no local settings. Thus my question how the “Toolbox Options” position is determined and what is the “default”.

I tested 2.99 in both Windows and Linux: every fresh installation had the tool options beloew the toolbox.