Pop Up Windows stuck on top of parent window Gnome 43.4

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since when are pop up windows glued to the parent window? For example when I get some properties on a file in nautilus, the pop up window can’t be moved by itself. If I move it I move the whole parent folder with it. So they are basically glued together.

I am currently using the latest manjaro version with kernel 6.1.21-1. Before I was using pop os and I can’t recall that this kind of behavior was the norm then. Am I missing something?

Since GNOME 3.0 was released in 2011.

Any modal dialog is attached to the parent window, as they are meant to be the focus and they prevent interacting with the main window; back in GNOME 1 and 2, it was often the case that modal dialogs would end up getting “lost” in the stack, and people thought the application became unresponsive.

The question is whether or not certain specific dialogs ought to be modal. That’s a question for the application maintainers and designers.

There’s a global tweak that you can unset using the Tweaks application, and it will decouple all modal dialogs; I assume that’s what Pop_OS does.

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Thank you so much for clearing that up. I was really wondering very much about this behavior.

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