Please, Give us the option to change gnome workspaces vertical

Please, Give us the option to change Gnome workspaces to toggle vertically. Some people like horizontal behavior, a lot of people like vertical, and others don’t care. Please make this possible. Everything is fantastic about Gnome, but horizontal workspaces are uncomfortable. I’m not alone in this opinion. I know there’s an extension to do it, but they are buggy. Please make this an integrated option. It would become the perfect DE.

Let me know if this is the wrong topic, and I’ll post it in the correct section.

You have the option to install an extension. If that extension is buggy, you can help the extension author with a fix.

There won’t be “an option” in GNOME, because an option means supporting two wildly different layouts, as well as supporting a way to switch between them; now you have three moving parts instead of one, and the complexity has gone up by a factor of six (three parts, and three interactions). It will also require every change to be replicated in both layouts, and doing QA on both layouts.


ebassi is right, you can help me with the V-Shell :wink:


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